Currently, the WaveScript/Wavescope compiler implementation has been ported to a brand new version of Scheme, R6RS. R6RS is still bleeding edge, and this introduces some wrinkles in the build process. What follows are temporary instructions (as of June 2008) for building the system. The new R6RS port should enable much greater inter-scheme compatibility, but these build instructions will focus on running the system with a combination of PLT Scheme and Ikarus Scheme.

Because it's under very active development, the standard procedure is to look here to find out what was the most recent revision that passed all system tests:

There's also a link to the manual.

After ikarus is installed you should be able to run it like this:

[joe@computer ~/demos]  $ ikarus
Ikarus Scheme version 0.0.3+ (revision 1477, build 2008-05-16)
Copyright (c) 2006-2008 Abdulaziz Ghuloum
cd ~/wavescript
source install_environment_vars
cd src

After that you should be able to run demos in the ~/wavescript/demos/wavescope directory using “ws”, or compile them using “wsc2”. Note that install_environment_vars is quite simple. Basically, REGIMENTD needs to point to ~/wavescript, and ~/wavescript/bin needs to be added to your path. You can do this from your .bashrc (for example) to save time.

cd ~/wavescript/demos/wavescope

This will compile one of the demos for tinyOS. Using wstiny is described in the manual here:

Good luck and let me know how it goes!


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